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Reliable Legal Support to Petition for Guardianships

A guardianship gives you the authorization to care for the personal interests of your loved one. Hire the experienced team at Kalash & Pettit to help you petition for guardianship rights. 

Vulnerable Adult Guardianships

Vulnerable individuals need competent people to take care of their assets and make the right educational or medical decisions for them. 

Let our dedicated attorneys help you with your guardianship issues. We can handle all the legalities involved in guardianship proceedings. 
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Your loved ones may be incapable of managing their own assets or financial affairs due to physical or mental limitations or advanced age. Conservatorships allow you to make important financial decisions on their behalf. 

Our attorneys can help you through the process of getting a conservatorship. We can also assist you with your annual reporting process. Contact us today. 
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Get a guardianship or conservatorship with our help. Visit our law office at 311 S 4th St Ste 103 in Grand Forks, ND.

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